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About Ed

Ed Townsend is a hard-working local councillor who is fighting to win Newport East in the next election. The people of Newport are supporting him in great numbers.

Ed Townsend with Lib Leader Nick Clegg

Ed Townsend with Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg

In the Assembly elections, he was only 875 votes behind Labour.

In the recent European elections, the Lib Dems were just 176 votes behind Labour.

The gap is narrowing. And anyone in Newport East has a choice. They can vote for the hard-working Ed Townsend who has been fighting the battles the people of Newport care about. He has found £21 million to fix the roads, after he pledged to fix the terrible state of the roads. He has done much more, and will continue to do more.

The Labour MP on the other hand, voted for post office closures… then campaigned to save them when it looked like it might buy some votes. Her chum the AM for Newport East, voted to cut the budgets of Newport schools by a massive amount.

Labour have let Newport down. It’s time for a change.

Help Ed win in Newport East!

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