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Between now and the election, I am going to be working every day to make sure the Lib Dems win in Newport East and bring real change to our area. If you could join me for just an hour a week or even an hour a month, it will make a real difference to our campaign.

There are many different ways you can help – from joining me as I call on local residents, to jobs that you can do at home or at our local office or even joining our local action teams delivering leaflets to communities across our area.

You’ll be surprised at the difference just a small amount of your time can make!

Ed Townsend Campaigning in Newport

Ed Townsend Campaigning in Newport East

The amazing election of Barack Obama last year showed just what a campaign led by ordinary people like you can achieve – an incredible victory over the ‘machine politics’ of a right wing party. Together we can do the same here and start changing Britain for the better.

If you can help, just pop along to our office at 59 Church Road, Newport NP19 7EJ or give me a call on 01633 216038, email me on or use the contact form below.

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